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C-Card - Don't forget your c-card. Take the card that shows your highest rating. Lost your card, need a replacement? Click here.

Logbook - Make sure your logbook is up to date. Some dives require experience and you will be required to show proof.

Nitrox C-Card - If you are certified in Nitrox, be sure to have your card. Many dive services around the world now offer Nitrox.

Dive Gear - Pack all your dive gear except tanks and weights, which are provided. Rentals for any items you may not have are almost always available, but check in advance.

Thermal Protection - What will the water temps be? How many dives will you make each day? These are the things you must consider in whether or not you will need skins, polartec, wetsuit, or nothing at all.

Save-A-Dive Kit - Most locations have a dive shop or at least carry a small amount of replacement parts, but many times just for the major brands. You can save a lot of time, effort and grief if you have o-rings, straps and other minor parts available.

Spare Batteries - Spare batteries for dive light, camera and computer is a great thing to have. Batteries have become so specialized and varied, you do not want to spend all your suface intervals searching for batteries. If appropriate, take your battery charger.

Safety Sausage, Whistle, Horn, Reflector - There are a number of safety devices available to get the boat's attention should you become seperated. Any of these would be a great item to have clipped to your BC, just in case.

Insurance Cards - Be sure you have your medical insurance card (it may or may not be any good at your destination), and your dive accident insurance card. Dive accident insurance are usually valid at any destination. Check out your coverages in both instances.

Prescription Medications - Take prescription medications in their original containers, with your name clearly marked. Take a sufficient supply to last your entire trip and a little extra just in case your trip is delayed.


This Week's Featured Services

Bob Soto's Reef Divers
Grand Cayman

Established in 1957, Bob Soto's Reef Divers owes its success to the world class diving of Grand Cayman, and its dedication and commitment of excellent customer service. For almost forty-five years, Bob Soto's Reef Divers has been offering divers regularly scheduled trips on all sides of the Island, allowing our guests to create their own custom dive vacation.

Tauch Terminal Bali
Bali, Indonesia

Landbased diving from the Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben, a Padi 5 Star Gold Palm IDC Resort on Bali's eastcoast, 100 meters from the famous USS Liberty shipwreck. Liveaboard safaris for experienced divers to the best dive sites between Bali and Komodo on the MV Mermaid I and II.

Malolo Island Resort
Malolo Island, Fiji

Malolo Island, Fiji ... An idyllic island paradise where you can escape the stress of modern living and relax amongst white coral sand beaches, panoramic views, azure seas and wonderful accommodation and facilities. Relaxed diving in crystal clear warm tropical waters with dives ranging from exiting shark encounters, wrecks, pinnacles, walls all teaming with a wide variety of sea life.

Dive Urge
Dahab, Egypt

Dive Urge is the ONLY Private Dive Club in the Red Sea, so if you are looking for something special with your own private guide, small numbers and not wanting to see other divers, we can help you get the best from your diving. We offer four luxury chalets on beach front with en-suite bathrooms and private seating area.

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